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Fr. Cecil Champneys Burnham

1914 - 2002

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One Friday morn soon after dawn
They hung upon a tree
The only Son of God Himself
Who died to set us free.

When evening came they buried Him,
The One Who’d come to save.
Nicodemus brought the spices,
And Joseph gave the grave.

The third day brought the women
Their last respects to pay
To be greeted by an angel
Who’d rolled the stone away.

The sepulchre was empty now,
The grave clothes still unrolled.
“He is risen,” cried the angel,
“The others must be told.”

Quite soon as every Christian knows
They met their Lord again
When Jesus taught that heaven’s joys
Will follow death and pain.

For forty days he stayed with them
And spoke of love and light;
Then to his throne above He went,
Ascending in their sight.

He told the angels all He’d done
Whilst on His earthly stay
And how he hoped the world would walk
Along His chosen way.

Said He, “Twelve men I’ve set aside
And each of them I’ve taught
To spread my word where’er he goes
Lest it should come to naught.

“For strength and help in this great work
They all depend on Me,
But I Myself depend on them
As you must surely see.”

“Suppose they fail,” the angels said,
“For weak we know is Man!”
“I pray they won’t” the Lord replied.
“I have no other plan.”

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