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Fr. Cecil Champneys Burnham

1914 - 2002

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When Philippa was three, she never was without

A disjointed plastic doll whose sex was in some doubt.

It sometimes was a girl and other times a boy;

Mostly it was naked but always was her joy.


Philippa and Baby — rarely seen apart;

If Baby was mislaid, Pippy broke her heart.

The doll was in her arms each night she went to bed,

And if it wasn’t with her, great bitter tears were shed.


Once when the doll was lost, poor Mum could do no work;

She had to comfort Pippy who nearly went berserk.

Then Mummy had a baby, Oliver by name,

And life right from that moment was never quite the same.


For Oliver was lovely, a gorgeous little boy,

Who immediately became our Pippy’s special joy.

She felt her brother needed a friend with whom to play

And just because she loved him, she gave her doll away.


She gave Baby to the baby to calm his infant fears

And never took him back again despite her silent tears.

God’s Recording Angel wrote in golden words above:

‘Pippy made a gift to God — a sacrifice of love”.



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