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Isle of Wight

Wilfrid spends some time with king Caedwaller and establishes a monastery on the Isle of Wight

‘Caedwaller [king of Wessex], who had been recalled from exile through the efforts and protection of  blessed Wilfrid, had gained control of the kingdom of the Gewisse, contemplated conquering the Isle of Wight….. bound himself with a vow that should he be victorious in capturing the island, would give one quarter of it together with a similar proportion of the booty to Christ the Lord. And Caedwaller, enjoying the fruits of victory, discharge his vow in this way: he offered the specified portion to blessed Wilfrid to be used in the service of the Lord’’’’ a holding of three hundred hides of land was given to the bishop. But Wilfrid entrusted the portion he had been given to a certain cleric named Beornwine among his followers, who was his sister’s son, giving him also the service of a priest Hildila….. Once they had taken upon themselves the ministry of preaching, by their own perseverance and with the intercessions of the blessed father they subjected that island to the yoke of the Christian faith’.



Carisbrooke Castle




St. Wilfrid's Catholic Church, Ventnor




St. Mary's Church, Brading