The archive section is a repository of articles/ web pages created since the formation of the website in October 1998.

Clergy of the Parish of Bognor
All the clergy from the first perpetual Curate in 1822 to the present.
Church History
The history of St. Wilfrid's Church and previous churches back to the time of St. Wilfrid's settlement in Selsey in 681
An inventory of all the memorials in St. Wilfrid's Church.
St. Wilfrid
Our Patron
The 1910 Hele Organ and its refurbishment 2000-02
Poetry of Fr. Cecil Champneys Burnham
Fr. Cecil was  a much loved retired priest who, with his wife Sheila, worshipped for many years at St. Wilfrid's Church until his death in 2002. In this section you will find a selection of his wonderful poems which often illuminated our monthly magazine and taken from his three books titled 'Rhythm and Rhymes for Relaxation' ISBN 0 9524651 0 8, 0 9524651 1 6, 0 9524651 2 4.
The Bognor Roll of Honour
Original Roll of Honour 1914-1918 with those who died 1939-1945 added.
The Serviceman of Bognor and District who died in the First World War
Research by John M Hawkins of names recorded on local War Memorials and other sources 2015