Festival of Local History

June 2004


St. Wilfrid’s Church participated in the second Festival of Local History in June 2004 organised by Sylvia Endacott and Shirley Lewis.

The aim of the festival was for everyone who was interested in local history to become involved by providing a display of their premises, church, school or Company.

St. Wilfrid’s Church contribution:

  • An exhibition of display panels in the South Transept location coincident with the Summer Fayre on Sunday 20 June, 2004

Exhibition Stand                           Exhibition Items


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Synod of Whitby

Lambert Barnard Panel of St. Wilfrid/ Caedwalla in Chichester Cathedral

Caedwalla Charter

Life of St. Wilfrid by Edmer Consecration of St. John's Chapel of Ease in the Steyne 1822 by the Archbishop of Canterbury


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Original design for St. Wilfrid's inc 3 bays, spire and baptistery never completed


Statue of Christ Ascendant by Uli Nyptsch

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