Centenary Celebrations
Sunday Eucharist

Preacher - Fr. Mark Everitt

5th September 2010


“All thing that is done, it is well done: for our Lord God doeth all.” Julian of Norwich Revelations of Divine Love, Chapter X1

Fr Mark began his centenary address wary of how many other 'special features' had preceded his centenary contribution at the invitation of Fr. Andrew. Suffice to say that any worry about the unlucky number were quickly dispelled!

His address referred to the first reading this morning (Jeremiah 18.1-11 about the Potter's Wheel (which was specially requested by Fr. Mark from Track 1 of the CW Lectionary for Proper 18 rather then the normal 'Related' Track 2) and Fr Mark used this text to amplify the idea of the fingers of God fashioning his world in the same way as a potter fashions his clay.

We always look forward to Fr. Mark's scholarly references  and his address for the Easter Vigil  (based on The Easter Sermon of St. John Chrysostom ) on 14th February 2009) still resonates. In today's address Fr. Mark  concluded by making special reference  to the Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich (Third Revelation Chapter XI) .

See! I am God: see! I am in all thing: see! I do all thing: see! I lift never mine hands off my works, nor ever shall, without end: see! I lead all thing to the end I ordained it to from without beginning, by the same Might, Wisdom and Love whereby I made it. How should any thing be amiss?



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Centenary Address - Fr Mark




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