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Centenary Celebrations
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On 23rd April 2010 it was 100 years since St. Wilfrid's Church was Dedicated.


Centenary Prayer

Heavenly Father, pour down your spirit on St Wilfrid’s Church in our Centenary Year. Grant us a new vision of your glory, a new experience of your power, a new faithfulness to your Word and a new consecration to your service, that through our renewed Witness your Holy name may be glorified and your kingdom advanced through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Centenary Events

  Feast of Dedication
23rd April 2010
Bishop of Hereford
25th April 2010
Lunch-time Concert
5th May 2010
Talk on the Statue
25th May 2010
  Lunch-time Concert
2nd June 2010
Corpus Christi
3rd June 2010
Garden Party
5th June 2010
Revd. Darren Smith
6th June 2010
  Bishop of Horsham
13th June 2010
Beach Barbecue
20th June 2010
Lunch-time Concert
7th July 2010
Pimms Party
10th July 2010
  Bishop of Arundel &
Brighton 11th July 2010
Canon John Everest
18th July 2010
Canon Tim Schofield
25th July 2010
Lunch-time Concert
4th August 2010
  Lunch-time Concert
1st September 2010
Fr. Mark Everittt
5th September 2010
Lord Carey
21st September 2010
Flower Festival
24-26 September 2010
  Pets Service
3rd October 2010
Final Lunch-time Concert
6th October 2010
10th October 2010
The Dean of Chichester
12th October 2010
  Servants of the Sanctuary
13th October 2010
Children's Party Day
16th October 2010
Fr. Ray Whelan
31st October 2010
6 Villages Choir
20th November 2010

Visiting Clergy Podcasts

May 9 10:30 Eucharist - The Reverend Zachary Allen

May 13 19:00 Eucharist on Ascension Day with Revd Robin Farrow, Vicar of West Blatchington

May 23 10:30 Eucharist - The Reverend Canon Philip Bourne, Director of Ordinands

May 30 10:30 Eucharist - The Reverend Roger Calder

June 6 10:30 Eucharist - The Reverend Darren Smith, General Secretary of the Additional Curates Society


  Canon Roland Meredith
12th June 2011


Banner specially created for our Centenary by Nyewood School

Banner specially created for our Centenary by the Larche Community