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Problems Viewing pdf files    


Constant updates to pdf readers like Adobe Reader, updates to browsers and updates/change of version of Windows may create a very frustrating situation where you cannot just click a link to a pdf file and view the pdf quickly.

The problem often seems to be associated with the the pdf viewer settings and whether the file is set to open in a browser window or to be viewed directly in the pdf reader software used and changed settings can create a situation where on clicking a pdf link a browser window opens and continually hangs without opening the file.

One possible solution (that has worked for me with the free Acrobat Reader) is to first uninstall the existing Reader in Control Panel (in Windows 7 this is Control Panel/Programs and Features/Uninstall Program) to uninstall the Reader, reboot the PC and then go to the Adobe site to install the latest reader e.g. http://get.adobe.com/reader/ if you use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. I have found this useful even if when I already had the latest reader as the reinstall seemed to solve the hanging 'Not Responding' problem.

Another more convoluted way without modifying your existing Reader at all is to save the pdf file first and then view it  - right click the pdf link and choose the "save link as" option and save the pdf file in a location on your PC that you specify. When you then double click the downloaded pdf file it should then open fine in your preferred pdf reader.

Alternatively try a different browser such as the Apple Safari Browser (http://www.apple.com/safari/) which seems to work very well when reading pdf files from a hyperlink.

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