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Pets Service 7th October 2018

Every year that passes the Pet Service brings together much loved pets of all shapes and sizes and this year was no exception. No stick insects, rabbits or the like this year but plenty of incredibly well behaved dogs (one of whom insisted in joining in the Hymns!) and lots of pictures of cats including one which had gone missing and we prayed for its return.

We were blessed with a talk on ‘Pets Help Humans’ by Derick ‘Oscar’ Wilde from the Pets as Therapy Charity, accompanied by his faithful companion Zak.

Derick spends his retirement with Zak visiting places like hospitals to visit sick patients and bring some happy moments to those in need.

Fr Ray Whelan conducted the service and, as every year, the individual blessing of each pet and those with treasured photos of loved ones was a wonderful highlight.

What is particularly heartening is that as a result of the Pets Service we now have some newcomers to our regular Sunday service which is very encouraging. Thanks also to Chris Wall for providing the musical accompaniment for this very special and to Elaine Green our churchwarden of making all the arrangements for a speaker from a much deserving charity. PG